CEC buys voting booths at 1.6 mln soms

October 21, 2016
CEC buys voting booths at 1.6 mln soms

CEC buys voting booths at 1.6 million soms, the public procurement portal reported.

It is noted that the booth must be foldable, gray, made of MDF, with special hooks.

The purchasing department of the CEC couldn’t provide details about the purchase of the booths, having redirected question to the press service. However, they were unable to explain why additional voting booths are required.

The press secretary said that they need booths to hold a referendum, since the voting will take place on the same day with the local elections.

It should be noted that officials have repeatedly said that the referendum and the election of deputies to local councils should be held in one day in order to optimize costs.

Total, it is planned to spend on the preparation and holding of elections 218,502 million soms. Most of the funds are budgeted for other expenses, salaries, goods and materials for the current economic purposes.

Funds for the protection, utilities, the cost of machinery and equipment are not provided for the regions, they are allocated only to the CEC.