About Us

Public Foundation «Civic Platform» is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which mission is focused on formation and development of capacity of civil society institutions in order to achieve political, economic and social well-being of Kyrgyzstan citizens.

The Foundation purpose is a promotion of civil initiatives, strengthening of civil society institutions and increasing of legal culture of citizens in order to facilitate of formation of effective mechanisms for implementation of fundamental principles of democracy and observance of human rights in Kyrgyz Republic.

Areas of activities

  • Assistance to public participation in the legislative process on issues related to protection of citizens’ rights and promotion of citizens’ interests through advocacy.
  • Promotion to development of parliamentarism at national and local levels.
  • Participation in reforms directed on increasing of efficiency of state institutions, improvement of electoral process, judicial system and quality of public services.
  •  Assistance in development of civil society institutions on cooperation with state and municipal authorities.

Main goals

  • Conducting of activities among citizens, which will be focused on understanding by them of role of human rights.
  • Monitoring of public institutions activities with aim to protect of citizens’ rights and promotion of civil initiatives.
  •  Protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms, conduct of legal advice, organization of work of public receptions to assist citizens in solving of legal issues.
  • Conducting of advocacy campaigns of protection of citizens’ rights and advance of their interests.
  • Fostering of alternative expert opinions on various socially important issues through the strengthening of the constructive dialogue between governmental institutions and civil society.
  • Promotion of measures aimed on development of parliamentarism on national and local levels.
  • Establishing of necessary communication between government, NGO, business, media and population in development of civil initiatives.
  • Use of effective and innovative social technologies for implementation of the Foundation’s mission, projects and programs.
  • Development of own projects, programs and actions aimed on realization of the Foundation’s objectives.

Publicity and openness

The Foundation is open for interaction with public authorities and civil society, international and foreign organizations, and the interaction will lead to systematic, effective and responsible dialogue, which can contribute to achieving the Fund objectives and realization of its mission.