PF “Civic Platform” will evaluate the level of transparency and accountability of local councils

July 16, 2016
PF “Civic Platform” will evaluate the level of transparency and accountability of local councils

PF “Civic Platform” will conduct a sociological research in which will assess the level of public awareness about the role and activity of deputies of local councils.

The study is planned to determine the influence of citizens and their role in decision -making at the local level; identify the sources of the information received , their availability and the mechanisms to deliver information to the public , as well as identify key stakeholders in decision-making.

Research will be held in 10 subjects of the pilot – 6 cities and 4 villages  of Kyrgyzstan. As a pilot city districts were selected: Osh, Maylusuu, Karakol, Kemin, Balykchy and four aiyl districts: Kara-Suu, Uzgen, Aravan and Nookat, the deputy corps in which the elections were held in the spring of 2016.

The study will be based on opinion poll. A total of 500 respondents will take part living in urban and local councils. Also 12 chairmen of local governments will be interviewed during  research.

For conducting qualitative analysis a reports of local councils on the interaction with the public, the results of public hearings, village meetings, annual reports will be studied.

Results of the research will be available to the public. PF “Civic Platform” is also planning to carry out activities aimed at raising legal awareness and strengthen the capacity of deputies of local councils and the local community in Kyrgyzstan.

Similar events in the future will help to promote local initiatives and help citizens assert their rights and interests in the sphere of local self-government. In addition, citizens in the future will be able to evaluate the work of deputies that will help them and their families in the future to make the right choice at the election of deputies of local councils.