MPs offer to reduce number of judges in Kyrgyzstan

MPs offer to reduce number of judges in Kyrgyzstan

The parliament members offer to reduce a number of judges in the country. Kanybek Imanaliev announced today at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security.

According to him, there are too many judges today in Kyrgyzstan. The country should strive to have one judge per few thousand people. In this case, the judges’ work will be more effective. In addition, it will be possible to save budgetary funds.

“In many regions, the judges come to work and just sit there from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Not a single case is considered. Why do we have such courts? It is possible to reduce the number of judges. Nobody will be harmed,” Kanybek Imanaliev said.

MPs are considering amendments to the law on the status of judges. It provides a complete rejection of the military courts. The initiators believe that the work load of military judges is small and their salaries are higher than that of the servants of Themis in local courts.

The budget of the local courts in 2015 amounted to 724, 973,500 soms for 387 judges, and the military – 24, 445,300 soms for 14 judges. The share of the military courts’ budget is 3.4 percent of the local courts.